repair loans to truck, trailer and heavy equipment operators

Equipment Repair Financing

Global Leasing and Finance Group has been providing repair loans to the Truck, Trailer and Heavy Equipment industries since 2007 through its EZ REPAIR LOAN® division. We offer repair loan funding, not based solely upon credit worthiness, but on the value of the equipment. We can approve a loan quickly depending upon the information that you provide us. Leave your credit cards untouched or keep your cash available for your daily needs.

Faced with an unexpected repair bill, you have the usual choices of cash, credit cards or lines of credit. We provide alternative financing for customers who need to pay an emergency repair bill, when their other payment choices are unavailable to cover the cost of the repair. EZ REPAIR LOAN® can convert your large equipment repair bill to low, manageable monthly payments.

The EZ REPAIR LOAN® application process is designed to be as short as possible, so you can get your truck back on the road as quickly as possible. Simply fill out the loan application form and submit the application to us on-line.

We also provide loans for truck, trailer and heavy equipment repairs in the U.S. through our affiliate company. Just click on the button “How to Apply for a Loan – US & Canadian Residents” and fill out the “Contact Form” under American Residents and one of their representatives will contact you shortly about your repair loan requirements.

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