Commercial Dealer Financing


Our floor planning programs are a form of financing pertaining specifically to inventory. By purchasing your finished goods inventory, we allow your assets to start working for you right away.  As the inventory sells, the borrower will repay the debt. It is essential that the creditworthiness of both parties is established and that a procedure for if the inventory does not sell is in place before the lending takes place.

Floor plan financing allows a dealer to carry sufficient inventory to satisfy customer needs and demands.  Global Leasing & Finance would register liens on each piece of equipment and when the unit is sold, that lien is removed.  The dealer pays a fee for the number of days the financed equipment is unsold.  Call us today to understand more about how this financing option can help grow your business.


Global Leasing and Finance Group provides a manufacturing business with the cash flow needed to pay for materials, labour and overhead to complete the construction of your manufactured unit and to fulfill an existing purchase order. We offer funding based on the security of your purchase order and a credit analysis of your business and your customer purchasing the unit.

Our Purchase Order Funding can provide the cash needed for your builds resulting in consistent sales revenue and superior customer service in terms of delivery times. Our funding pays up to 80% of the Purchase Order value.

Here are some guidelines for our Purchase Order Funding.

  • A detailed description of your product is on a signed, non-cancelable P.O.
  • The P.O. is issued by a legally registered and creditworthy commercial customer (a credit check is obtained)
  • A signed sales bill identifying the manufactured unit issued by your company
  • The Funding advance and our fees are due on a Pay-as-Sold basis payable prior to your customer taking delivery

With the information required above we can deposit funds to your company bank account the next business day.

Real cash flow solutions helping you grow your business!


Global Leasing & Finance Group also provides factoring to repair shops when repairs are covered by insurance.

Do you own or operate a collision repair shop that extensively completes insurance repairs as a preferred dealer?  Are you often faced with an unusually high number of repairs to complete of which you know you will be paid the full amount of the appraisal, but that you will have to wait several weeks for payment from the insurance provider?  How do you handle the expense of all the required parts and labour necessary to complete these repairs knowing that you will not receive payment for three to four weeks?  Our insurance factoring program provides you with the cash flow you need up front.

The solution is quite simple:

  • The Dealer executes a Factoring Agreement
  • The Insurance company is notified of the assignment
  • Global confirms amount and validity of claim
  • Global funds up to 90% of invoice until payment is received with the balance being paid after that

Contact us to see how easy it is to start factoring your insurance repairs.

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