Commercial Account Receivable Funding Program

Global Leasing & Finance Group is the nationally licensed provider of Commercial Account Receivable Funding for Corporate Billing LLC. Corporate Billing makes available the opportunity for companies to leverage their accounts receivable to obtain current cash flow. Corporate Billing is a leader in the development of receivable financing solutions for companies in the transportation industry.  This product has been developed solely for the Parts & Service departments of truck, trailer and heavy equipment dealerships whose commercial customers want to put their transactions on Net 30 account. In many cases, these account receivables can become aged and tie up valuable capital.

They specialize in accounts receivable purchasing while providing collection services and detailed management reporting on-line and in real-time for growing companies.  Their clients enjoy prompt, efficient funding and professional customer service. With Corporate Billing, you can grow your business by reducing overhead, eliminating credit risk for non payment, and adding valuable working capital; therefore reducing operating expenses.

Most dealers choose our program because it dramatically improves their cash flow and gives them working capital that has been tied up in receivables. This form of AR funding liquidates the receivables that are currently on your books and then on a daily basis turns yesterday’s invoices into cash today. If a dealer is looking for working capital, this is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways of getting it quickly – all without hidden fees or long-term contract.

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