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Global Leasing & truck-driver-commercial-accountsFinance Group offers financing for the leasing of new and used commercial trucks, trailers and heavy equipment. We can devise a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

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purchase-order-financingGlobal Leasing & Finance Group offers funding based on the security of your purchase order. We provide your manufacturing business with the cash flow to pay for materials, labour and overhead to complete the construction of your manufactured units. We specialize in funding manufacturing needs within the transportation and heavy equipment industries.

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equipment-repair-financingThrough our EZ REPAIR LOAN® division we provide repair loans to truck, trailer and heavy equipment operators. Faced with an unexpected repair bill, you may not have the available cash or credit to pay it. We can convert your large repair bill to low, manageable monthly payments. Fill out our loan application today!

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Global Leasing & Finance Group offers several financing plans for dealers, manufacturers and collision repair shops.  We provide the funds to finance the growth of your business.  Call us today and learn more how these financing plans can help your business finance your business.

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specialty-financingWhen you are not able to take advantage of funds offered by banks or other financial institutions to purchase your equipment, we can help. We offer several flexible terms and structures based on seasonal cash flow or other needs. Fill out our information form to learn more about our various non-traditional, specialty financing options.

With our goal of becoming a full service provider of non-traditional, specialty financing and cash flow solutions we believe this to be a viable option given the market requests.

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